New Arrivals


 I'M BACK!! Many of you ask me constantly about the products/brands I use/wear on my Instagram posts/Stories so I'm going to re-lauch my blog today to connect on another level with you all by letting you guys know all about my life once again!

This time it won't be just about "denying the common myths of male models" but it will also include my crazy Travel experiences, Favorite Food/Restaurants, Workout/Lifestyle and so much more fun stuff that we will all create together post by post.

Excited!? I sure am!



The first post is going to be about the "Yellow aviators" so many of you asked me about, the ones I'm wearing in the picture.

You asked me where I got mine, because you loved them and wanted them; So, now you can get them! right here

I had been looking for something similar for a while but would never find the right ones and after seeing how interested everyone was in having the same type of sunnies I made my own! I hope you all enjoy them and share pics with your #RVSunnies this summer.





P.S. Comment with any suggestions on what topics you'd like to hear about so we can get this back on track! Much love.


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