Day two and you can kind of tell how excited I am just by the fact that I've uploaded two posts in two days! lol.

I woke up and it was raining, so I decided to get some work done and edit the footage we got from our last express trip to Belize. Let me tell you, it was quite the adventure...

Not only was everything planned within the day (24h), we forgot to get cash in the US and when we got to Belize. More specifically Hopkins, after taking a 20 minute puddle jumper the only ATM that they had in the town was not working...

 Here you can see the video I made.

I know... Just an amateur, but I enjoy doing these things when I have free time. So as bad as it might be, deal with it! haha. Back in the day my agents told me I was too over exposed so I quit my Vlog/Blog. Time to catch up! thank god I kept Twitter and started early with Instagram because if not in todays world I'd be doomed... Right!?

anyway... I just realized that Youtube won't let me use my video because I used Kygo's new son'g so let me get that sorted and I'll see you guys soon! :D 

keep commenting about new topics of what ever you want, but please let's keep things respectful!

Much love,


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